Quickbooks Online user or just trying to get started?

Whether you’re a current QuickBooks Online user, or you’re trying to get started using this powerful platform, K&E Financial Services can help you!

We'll get you started!

We offer the Level 1 Course to get you started, or the Comprehensive training to increase your confidence and competence! Both courses will fill some knowledge gaps you may have… even if you’ve been using QuickBooks Online for a while!

Level 1 QuickBooks Online Course

This introductory course teaches you the basics and helps you develop a strong foundation upon which to build your QuickBooks Online knowledge base! You’ll find that the time is well invested as you start your QuickBooks Online journey and serves as a fantastic refresher course if you’ve been using QuickBooks Online for a while.

This four-hour course is presented in plain, easy to understand language that helps you to grasp basic concepts of maintaining your financial records! Learn about:

  • Creating a Company file
  • Navigating QuickBooks Online
  • Establishing a Chart of Accounts
  • Populating Your Chart of Accounts
  • Setting Up the Customers, Vendors, and Products/Services that you Sell
  • Creating and Sending Invoices and Sales Receipts
  • Entering and Paying Bills
  • Tracking Income and Expenses
  • Connecting to Your Bank Through the QuickBooks Online interface
  • Running Reports

…And More!

You will find that after taking this course, your knowledge grows, and so does your confidence. Feel better about using the software, and be comfortable moving from one function to another.

Learn some Pro Tips of which you may not have been aware!

QuickBooks Course FAQs

No. The level one course teaches the principles of accounting to better understand how to use QuickBooks Online. Level 1 QuickBooks Online class is ideal for company owners, employees, accountants, and others to effectively use the software for their small business accounting needs.

We can customize sessions to fit a company’s timeframe. Contact us to request information on individual training sessions.

Comprehensive QuickBooks Online Course

After you’ve completed your Level 1 Course, this more advanced course will help you take your QuickBooks Online skills to the next level, with minimum extra effort on your part.

After learning the basics, you are ready to learn how to customize reports and use the data you generate through Quickbooks Online to move ahead and use QuickBooks Online to take it to the next level!

Here is a sneak peek at the type of things we’ll be looking at in this more advanced course!

Course Content:

  • Lesson 1 – Memorizing Transactions
  • Lesson 2 – Customizing Forms
  • Lesson 3 – Using Other QuickBooks Accounts
  • Lesson 4 – Creating Reports
  • Lesson 5 – Creating Graphs
  • Lesson 6 – Tracking and Paying Sales Tax
  • Lesson 7 – Preparing Payroll with QuickBooks
  • Appendix A – Using Online Banking
  • Appendix B – Managing Company Files
  • Appendix C – Estimating, Time Tracking and Job Costing
  • Appendix D – Writing Letters

Comprehensive QuickBooks Online Course FAQs

You do NOT have to take the Level 1 class to take the Comprehensive Class. The Comprehensive Class includes the level 1 training and more. This course is more for the person who have started or looking to start a career in bookkeeping. Completion of this course you will be prepared to take the QuickBooks Online certification exam.