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Penzola Kisic
K&E Financial Services

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When I started working for my local Chamber of Commerce in 2016, I had no idea where it would take me. I was working part-time for them, doing their bookkeeping and office admin. One day, when I was speaking with the CEO, they suggested that I find other clients that needed help with bookkeeping. That was the start of K&E Financial Services!

I’m Penzola Kisic, and I’m driven by the desire to help other businesspeople succeed.

I like to encourage others, the way I was inspired by one of my early clients, who was an attorney and an accountant. He served as a business mentor and trainer. I began to realize that the sky was the limit!

I soon began to study QuickBooks online. It wasn’t long before I got my certification to teach others how to harness this software’s power to stay current and use reports to plot strategy and check results. Now, whether I’m doing some hands-on bookkeeping or teaching a client to use QuickBooks online, I’m operating in the virtual world.

It’s incredible how running a virtual business allows me to meet and do business with folks all over America. In fact, my partner, T. Ellison, who works for a brokerage firm, is in Florida. The distance is no hindrance to working together.

It’s been a real journey from my job as a night auditor all those years ago, to owning my business. For me, bookkeeping is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. My competitive nature drives me to perfection.

I’m happiest when your business is profitable, and I can show you through your monthly reports.

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